Top Tasty Mushrooms Recipe Making At Home Tips ?

Top Recipe Tasty Mushrooms Recipe Making At Home Tips ? You’ll love these tips for making the most delicious masala masala recipes at home. Prepare the recipe like this, you too can prepare your delicious food at home in a few minutes. And now you will know how to make delicious

Matki recipe is cooked in two ways,

  1. masala recipe, you have to cook your own garam masala in it and
  2. is to make small pieces of mushroom and cook the mushroom properly.

In this way, after cooking the masala recipe and mushroom recipe, you have to cook them in a good taste. For this, we have to add many types of spices and to make them taste better, we keep both of them together to cook. Now in this way, we have given you some spices and tips which you can use to prepare delicious food by making Mushrooms Recipe Making At Home Tipsat your home. And you can get the same taste at home as you get in any hotel or recipe |

Mushroom Masala Recipe { Mushrooms Recipe }


  • Use 2 cups oil or refined
  • To taste: 2 to 4 people
  • Bay leaf
  • onion paste
  • green chilli paste

Mushrooms Recipe Making At Home Tips Now to cook these masala recipes, keep them on the gas for some time and add oil to them and cook well for 2 to 4 minutes, then after that you can cook your masala. Look and make some onion paste and put it in it so that you have to cook it for some time and when its color starts becoming light mushroom then you have to turn off the gas, after that you have to keep it for some time on low flame.

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Mushrooms Recipe Making

Mushrooms Recipe


  • 1 cup of oil
  • small pieces of mushroom
  • 1 spoon of turmeric powder
  • 1 spoon of Kashmiri powder
  • 1 spoon of coriander powder
  • 1 spoon of chilli powder

To make the mushroom recipe, now cut your mushrooms into small pieces and place a big vessel on the gas and add oil to it. Add small pieces of mushroom and add turmeric powder to it. Add one spoon of chilli powder. Add one spoon of Kashmiri fenugreek. Add one spoon of coriander powder. then it well .

Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms Recipes {Mushrooms Recipe }

  • mushrooms – white button (pictured), or Swiss Brown / Cremini OR any large mushrooms (flat mushrooms, portobello, “BBQ Mushrooms” etc)
  • butter AND oil – butter for flavour, oil because it’s a better heat conductor and will stop the butter from smoking in the oven (the smoke point of butter is lower than oil, and we want to roast these hard and fast to get lovely colour while keeping the inside juicy);
  • garlic – flavour. Full stop, end of story; and
  • lemon and thyme (optional) – a drizzle of fresh juice and sprinkle of fresh thyme is a really wonderful way to finish buttery mushrooms. The lemon adds a touch of freshness and thyme adds extra flavour. But it’s optional – because even plain roasted mushrooms

Large Roasted Mushrooms Mix Mast Masala and Mushrooms together and keep cooking.

Mushrooms Recipe
  • This roasted mushroom recipe works equally well for large or small mushrooms, though the directions are slightly different so I’ve included both in the recipe card.
  • But with the large mushrooms, you will get far more mushroom juices that you can essentially use as a buttery mushroom sauce when serving. The juices pool in the cap of the mushrooms (small mushrooms don’t have the same shape so the juices don’t pool the same way) and in the pan as well.
  • Here’s a photo of roasted large mushrooms. I really like using large mushrooms to serve as a main dish, as pictured below served on polenta.

Now add something hot in the mushroom, like a turmeric powder, a little salt, a little coriander powder and cook it well and turn off the gas, after that stir it for 4 to 5 minutes and now add the paste you made earlier. It has been prepared, now it should be a little tasty in taste, cut it and make a dish of onion and tomato, then it should taste very good, you should reduce your salt a little, according to the taste, add some hot water in it so that then Let it cook and then after some time it should be increased to cook.

Now you look at your three and again you pulse your mushrooms. Now add the masala mushroom in it and mix it with the frozen one. After mixing, cook for some time. Keep the recipe, after that your mushroom recipe is ready, you can have it at home for a delicious restaurant and add small curd dal in it. So please share further quickly.

Recipe Notes:

1. Serving suggestions: Pictured in post with polenta (I use quick cook) and Garlic Sautéed Spinach, and on toast spread with ricotta. It’s also lovely with mashed potato or anything else to soak up all those juices (even low carb Creamy Mashed Cauliflower!).

It doesn’t make enough sauce to coat pasta, though you could use a small serving of pasta.

2. Nutrition per serving (4 servings as a side).


  • Serving:143g
  • Calories:152
  • cal (8%)
  • Carbohydrates:5g (2%)
  • Protein:4g (8%)
  • Fat:14g (22%)
  • Saturated Fat:7g (44%)
  • Cholesterol:27mg (9%)
  • Sodium:299mg (13%)
  • Potassium:398mg (11%)
  • Fiber:1g (4%)
  • Sugar:3g (3%)
  • Vitamin A:336IU (7%)
  • Vitamin C:6mg (7%)
  • Calcium:9mg (1%)
  • Iron:1mg (6%)

If you also want to make mushroom recipe at home, then we have given new steps above, by following which you can make mushroom recipe at your home as delicious as in a restaurant or hotel. And if you like the methods of making this recipe, then do share further. Every great update coming .

FAQ : –

Q. How To Make Simple mushroom recipes ?

Ans . Chop into 1/4-inch slices or, if there are larger mushrooms like portobello, cut into 1/4-inch cubes. 2Heat olive oil in a large, wide skillet over medium heat. 

Q. Should we boil mushroom before cooking?

Ans , Yes ! Cooking lessens the likelihood of getting sick. Even uncooked button mushrooms can make some people sick, especially in larger quantities. However, cooking them like I’ve described, neutralizes the toxins.

Q . How long will mushroom take to cook?

Ans . Mushroom Recipe Cook in 15 Mints Time , at a rolling boil to cook around ½ pound of medium sized mushrooms.

Q . Is it OK to eat boiled mushroom?

Ans . Whether you choose to eat them raw or boiled, mushrooms offer many nutritional benefits.

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