Nat Design said that in his professional boxing debut if he could force Jayapal to do 10 rounds instead of 8:00 then know that it would be beneficial to him but instead Cradle showed once again that because MM fighters The boxer struggled to find his footing in the ring, dominating almost every round of the fight to earn a clear unanimous decision victory on Saturday night in Dallas.

PAUL boxing was very technical for the day so PAUL tried to make things ugly with face first style and slap combinations. Pal was able to counter the weird ata of interest but he upset him in the first round and told Den scored a 9 crown in the fifth round with a step back by hook that nearly fell Dee off the ropes.

PAUL said after the fight he’s tough he’s really tough that’s what he’s known for and but power doesn’t work in this game when we told him beat him basically won every round he’s paid you know Not that I hurt him in the first round, but he kept coming.
Interest adopted many of the moves that made him a favorite of Prashant throughout his long mixed martial arts career, and as he taunted, pretended to be injured and made the fight awkward in various ways, while using unusual moves to Nepal. Was out of his game in the opening round but Pal continued to ignore him until the tenth and Dee was using today’s behavior as an opportunity to land clean punches on an opponent who was voluntarily putting himself out of position. I Cradle won the fight on the scorecards, giving the judge scores of 9891 and 9891 in 97 statements.

After the victory, Palen expressed his desire to fight Onion in mixed martial arts and m.a. I signed the promotion cradle and he has a letter in it.
Pal said that I can do it in m.a. I want to run back so that’s the $10 million offer in PFL let’s m.a. Play back in in your area let’s do it.

The interest accepted Remains immediately they said their Real Fighting promotion would need to include it Jody today said some symptoms during the fight I had a tree in the first I had a guillotine in the tenth I won that fight first lee and mma liked

Jake Paul shows skill in solid win over Nate Diaz{JAKE PAUL VS NATE DIAZ}

It is going to be more difficult to discount Jake Paul in the boxing world after today. Yes, he took on another MMA fighter, rather than a boxer, but the advance in his skillset was plain to see. No longer the flailing amateur who was beat by Tommy Fury, Jake Paul was composed and disciplined, working on his defense as much as his offense.

From the outset, it was clear that he had taken his chosen sport seriously, paid it respect, and done the work in the gym. He hurt Diaz in the early rounds and managed to have a beautiful knockdown in the fifth on a pure boxing move. Backing away from a relentless attack, he faded as he threw a counter right hook that landed flush. Nate Diaz was up and fine, but it was a moment that announced Jake Paul as a true boxer.

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz — Round 9: Paul landed a right hand and Diaz taunted by pretending to be hurt. Paul then hit him with a right uppercut and left hook. Paul landed a nice three-punch combo and then dug to the body. Paul again went to the right hand and back to the body. Paul landed a right hand and a left to the body. Paul landed another left hook as Diaz struggled to get much done in the first two minutes of the round. Diaz tried to land a sweeping shot but didn’t connect cleanly. Diaz finally threw a few punches that connected but Paul landed a right hand and a left. Unofficial scorecard: 10-9 Paul (88-82)

Did Jake Paul lose to Nate Diaz?{JAKE PAUL VS NATE DIAZ}

Paul, a 26-year-old YouTube personality, beat the 38-year-old former UFC fighter making his pro boxing debut. Jake Paul has bounced back nicely from his first career loss by winning a unanimous decision against mixed-martial arts (MMA) star Nate Diaz in a boxing cruiserweight fight

How much is Nate Diaz making to fight Jake Paul?

Making his professional boxing debut, Diaz is set to earn a guaranteed $500,000 for the fight on August 6, 2023. This is a notable sum, considering it’s more than his last UFC fight earnings of $350,000. The Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight is not just about the money but the passion and skill inside the ring.

How much is the Nate Diaz pay per view?

The Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz fight is not on any regular local or cable TV broadcasts in the USA. The fight is a pay-per-view only event. To watch on DAZN, you can purchase one month of access to the service (for just .99 cents) and then order the PPV fight package for a total of $61.98.

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What can I watch Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz?

How to watch Paul vs Diaz. TV channel: Paul vs Diaz is being broadcast live on sport streaming service DAZN, which is now available via Sky channel 429 in the UK. Coverage starts at 1am BST on Sunday August 6, 2023. Live stream: The card is a DAZN PPV event, with the one-off price set at £14.99 for fans in the UK


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