How To Make Bootable Pen Drive USB Drive to Another USB Drive

how to make bootable pen drive USB Drive to Another USB Drive I am going to tell you step by step how to make a pen drive bootable. I am a developer who would like to tell you all how to make a pen drive bootable from USB. Otherwise yes, you all should read this information carefully. If you want and you also want to bootable the data from any pen drive via USB then this information will be very correct for you so that you can safely bootable your data from one place to another.

He wanted to create a backup of this drive by cloning it to another USB drive in case the original drive failed. He asked me if I can clone a bootable USB drive to another USB drive and my advice on how to proceed.

how to make bootable pen drive USB Drive to Another USB Drive Inform

When a computer turns on it usually needs an operating system to load from a storage device such as a hard drive or USB drive. Bootable USB drives allow the user to boot from a USB drive to the computer rather than from the computer’s internal hard drive. Allows you to load an operating system or other software and can be useful for many purposes including installing a new operating system repairing a damaged operating system running the dialog stick tool To create a bootable USB drive you usually need to Requires the use of special software or tools to format and copy the necessary files onto it

How to Clone Bootable USB Drive to Another USB Drive

To make the pen drive bootable, yes or to make it bootable from any other USB data, see the information here and follow the steps given.

Learn how to create a backup: – If you have important files or an operating system on a bootable USB drive, cloning it can serve as a backup in case the original drive gets damaged or lost.

Sharing Contents:– Cloning a bootable USB drive to another drive can be useful when you need to share the contents of the drive with another clone the drive instead of transferring the files one by one. This ensures that all files and settings are transferred at once

Simplified Setup:- If you need to setup more than one computer with the same operating system and the same software, you may find it useful to clone a bootable USB drive. You can quickly set up all computers with the same configuration

Cleaning a bootable USB drive saves more time and effort than creating a new one. However, cleaning a bootable USB drive is not a simple copy and paste that can result in corrupted programs or the operating system becoming unbootable. Buffalo can be bootable on one page. With the cleaning tool, cleaning a bootable USB drive is safer and faster and guarantees that the cleaned disk will be properly bootable.

What is the best way to clone bootable USB? {Full Guide}

To Clone Bootable However, Windows has a useful tool called Window Image Backup which can be used to clone a bootable USB driver to another USB driver. However, this method is very complex and not easy for all users. To make the process successful and easy,

you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which is fully compatible with all editions of Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista (32-bit & 64-bit).  Its “Disk Clone Wizard” feature is able to copy a (bootable) USB drive to another USB in Windows PC and provide two clone methods available for you to clone either all sectors (used or not used) or only used sectors to another device. What’s more important, it ensures a complete clone without data missing and successful boot after clone.

it is also proper for cloning SD card, SSD, HDD and other device. It can also help you recover lost or deleted data, or even partitions, if any data is lost on the USB.

How to clone bootable USB drive to another USB drive

It can clone bootable USB stick precisely by copying all contents on bootable USB drive including hidden or protected data, master boot record, slack space and so on. Now, I’ll show you how to copy a bootable USB to another USB in Windows 10 via AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional in detail:

Step 1. Insert two USB drives and make sure they can be detected by your computer.

Step 2. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Click “Clone Disk” in the right menu.

Step 3. Choose disk copy method according to your own demands. Sector-by-Sector Clone enables you to copy all sectors from the source USB drive, so it takes more time than “Clone Disk Quickly”.

Step 4. Choose the bootable USB drive as the source disk.

Step 5. Choose the new USB drive as the destination disk. If you want to clone bootable drive to SSD, you can check the option beneath to improve its performance.

Step 6. You’re allowed to edit disk partitions now or any time else after cloning.

Step 7. See “Pending Operations” and click “Apply” and then “Proceed” to execute the operation after confirmation.

After the seven steps are done, you can shut down your computer and boot from the media. Usually, you press F12/DEL to enter the BIOS Settings interface when you see the first screen popping up. Then, turn to the Boot option to change the boot order.


The time it takes to clone a bootable USB drive will depend on the size of the drive and the speed of the computer and USB ports. Once the cloning process is complete, users can safely eject the new USB drive and test it to ensure that it is an exact copy of the original drive and is bootable.

FAQ :-

Q. Can I use bootable pendrive for other purposes?

After you make a USB bootable disk, you can use it several times to enter the WinPE environment and repair your computer when it fails to boot. 

Q. Can I transfer files in bootable pendrive?

A bootbale USB is almost formatted as Fat32, and there is an individual file size limit of 4 GB for a Fat32 partition. 

Q. Is bootable USB permanent?

you don’t install anything on your computer (hence the defenition of a bootable USB drive) , and you can reformat the USB drive at any time; thus it is not permanent.

Q.What is the difference between bootable USB and normal USB?

A normal USB drive is used for purpose of copying data from one computer to transfer data to another computer,

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